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Domestic Advertisements: Masteradio "Hawthorn" Table Radio

This advert from March 1951 shows the sturdy looking "Hawthorn" (with no model number) from the less than famous Masteradio.

Masteradio present the new "Hawthorn" Receiver

Here is an inexpensive radio capable of really outstanding performance. Its high selectivity – superb tone and attractive styling will ensure ready made sales and give complete ‘customer satisfaction.’ Order today.

  • Smart walnut veneered wooden cabinet with contrasting bands
  • Height 11 ins. Width 13 ½ ins. Depth 8 ½ ins.
  • 3 wavebands – Long, short and medium.
  • High fidelity latest design permanent magnet speaker giving superb tone
  • 4 valve and selenium rectifier 7 stage superhet for use no AC current 200/250 volts

Masteradio. 319/321 Euston Road, London NW1

Midland Depot: Edmund Street, Birmingham, 3. Northern Depot: 41 Sudehill, Manchester, 4.