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Domestic Radios: Masteradio "Sandown"

This Trader advert from July 1951 shows the latest table radio from Masteradio.  Remarkably similar to the design of the Bush DAC90A with tilted station scale and rounded front.  It had looks, but did it have performance?

Announcing the Improved "Sandown"

The popular quick selling "Sandown" now incorporates two important new features - a built-in aerial and a large speaker.  These additional selling points together with a price that is still extremely low for such quality radio will mean rapid sales.

The cabinet is available in Walnut plastic, also available in White, Green and Blue.  Highly selective on medium and long wave bands.  Seven stage superheterodyne.  Five valve (including Rectifier) 200-250 volts AC/DC.  Size 10 x 6 x 5.

better value than ever at ...

The Sandown Star retails at 14. 17. 6. tax paid.

Masteradio showroom and Sales Dept.: 319-321 Euston Road, London NW1

Midland Depot: Edmund St., Birmingham, 3
Northern Depot: 41, Shudehill, Manchester, 4