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Domestic Advertisements: Marconiphone 1950 Range

This Marconiphone advert from September 1950 shows a range of products from the 1950 catalogue.

Make a bee-line for the Marconiphone Stand … 
and see our new models

The latest models uphold every way the Marconiphone reputation for producing "best sellers" of Radio, Radiograms and Television. We look forward to the pleasure of showing you the new range, some of which are illustrated here, at the Radio Exhibition.

  • New Model: Model T24DAB. A DC/AC mains/battery portable giving good performance on two wavebands.
  • Well Designed and Popular: Model VT53DA (London Frequency), VT73DA (Midlands Frequency). A well designed receiver giving excellent reception at moderate cost. £38. 15. 0. plus £8. 16. 4.
  • New Model with 12" Tube: Model VT55A (London Frequency), VT75A (Midlands Frequency). A handsome new table receiver with figured walnut cabinet.
  • New Model: Model ARG27A. A beautiful radiogram that you’ll be proud to sell.

National Radio Show, Birmingham, September 6th – 16th (1950)

Ref: M.193