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Domestic Advertisements: Lammix Food Processor

This half page trader advert from December 1950 shows the ultimate food mixer which uses a interesting inner bowl tooth system for the mixer-head guidance.  I'm not sure what the "Lam" stands for, not fully trouble-free means and pretty dubious about the "severe housewife"!

Why this machine is a pleasure to sell
(and profitable too of course)

It is designed on entirely new principles.  It is made by one of the foremost firms of precision engineers in the country.  It has been subjected to the most severe of test by practical housewives.  Every job it does, it does perfectly.  It is simplicity itself to assemble, to operate, and, not least, to clean.  It is practically trouble-free.  And incidentally, it is very handsome.

The 'Lammix' mixes, minces, beats, whisks, kneads, grates, slices, makes sausages, extracts juice, etc. etc.  Apply to address below for full details.

The Multi-purpose Lammix (Trade Mark) Kitchen Helper
World Patents Pending
AC/DC 200-250 volts or 100-125 volts

Manufacturers: Huwood Components Ltd., St. Peters, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, 6