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Domestic Advertisements: GEC BT2147 Table TV 

This trader advert from December 1950 shows a rather attractive (and innovatively designed) table TV.  Reliability was the main selling point - at a time when TVs required servicing on average four times a year.

Come inside…

That’s what the GEC advertising is asking your customers to do… to remember the ‘insides’ of GEC sets, because they make sure of good listening and viewing – and, for you, the dealer, less and easier servicing. The new GEC television sets are designed and built to give good television in the simplest possible way… and to go on doing it. That’s great help to you and your customers; and it’s why we know that so many people will be saying ‘GEC – and a good job too!’

Table Television: The AC/DC model has all the qualities for good viewing! High definition and good focus; high sensitivity for good ‘fringe’ area reception; available for London or Midland frequencies. The 9" aluminised screen gives a brilliant picture in normal room lighting, and it’s flat for wide-angle viewing.

Model BT2147 £36-17-5. Tax £8-5-7 extra.
GEC Radio & Television – and a good job too!

The General Electric Co. Ltd., Magnet House, Kingsway, London WC2