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Domestic Advertisements: GEC BC5243 Table Radio

This GEC advert from March 1951 shows the much nicer looking BC5243 radio from GEC.

No trouble at all

This is the kind of set that makes a dealer’s life worth living. It’s no trouble to sell, for it combines just those qualities your customers want with just the price they’re prepared to pay. And it’s no trouble after it leaves your showroom, for the ‘works’ are really sound (as in all GEC sets) and require very little servicing. That accounts for its popularity – on both sides of the counter.

Specification: Two waveband (Long and Medium) superhet table model receiver for AC mains. Plastic cabinet. Provision for use of normal aerial and earth or internal frame aerial, also for extension loud-speaker. Illuminated dial – BBC stations in distinctive colour for easy identification.

Model BC5243. Price £11.10.3. Tax £2.9.3 extra.

GEC Radio & Television – and a good job too!

The General Electric Co. Ltd., Magnet House, Kingsway, London WC2