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Domestic Advertisements: GEC BC5060 Table Radio

This GEC advert from April 1950 is probably the ugliest table radio I have ever seen.  Did anyone buy one of these?

G.E.C. BC 5060 - The Perfect Performer

This twin speaker all-wave super-het with three pre-set stations, has really remarkable performance.

With high consistent sensitivity, delayed AVC and simple 'piano-key' controls the BC 5060 gives a grand performance with extreme ease.  The finely grained light walnut cabinet houses special low frequency circuits incorporating tone correction, and twin high fidelity loudspeakers help to produce a remarkable quality of reproduction.   Separate quality control allows individual acoustic balance adjustment.  There is provision for connecting a gramophone pick-up, and an external speaker; the latter controlled by an edge-operated switch, as is the tone.  Seven keys cover selection of three pre-selected stations.  Slow-motion fly-wheel assisted tuning for accuracy, and a large, clear floodlit station name dial in distinguishable colours.  Five valves; AC mains 200-250 volts, 40-100 cycles.

G.E.C. Model BC5060 29 gns, purchase tax 6. 11. 11 extra.

The General Electric Co., Ltd.  Magnet House, Kingsway, London WC2