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Domestic: GEC Red Label Battery BB503

This trader advert from July 1951 shows the all-dry BB503 high tension radio battery from GEC.  The battery is specified as 90V HT and 1.5V LT.  It's unusual for a battery advert to sell the workmanship in making it.

GEC Red Label All-Dry Radio Batteries

Like every one of the range of G.E.C. Batteries the Red Label is made to the highest possible standards - both in materials and workmanship: the technical skill of the great G.E.C. organization ensuring reliability and a vitality of performance than continues right to the last moment of a very long life.

Recommend a G.E.C. Battery - there's more life in it!

The General Electric Co. Ltd. Magnet House, Kingsway, London W.C.2