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Domestic Advertisements: Ferranti Table Radio Model 115, 215, 515 and Radiogram 415

This trader advert from December 1951 shows off the range of pretty dull radios and a radiogram.  However, at five vales each, they are trying to aim for the top end of the performance range (models are left to right, top to bottom).  The model 515 is odd by being totally back to front symmetrical!

Good News for Ferranti Dealers

We think we’ve never produced a bigger, better, more varied range than this year’s Ferranti selection. And we think that the public are going to show that they agree with us. In the National Press they will be seeing the sets shown here, and many others. Have you got sufficient information to meet all their enquiries? If not, please write to us for full particulars. Radio Sales Office, Ferranti Ltd., Moston, Manchester 10.

Model 515. "Island" transportable AC/DC, 2 waveband, five-valve superhet. Highly sensitive built-in aerials. Tuning dials and speaker aperture ON BOTH SIDES of walnut cabinet. £17. 17. 0.

Model 115. Five-valve all-wave AC superhet. Extension speaker and P.U. sockets. Walnut cabinet. £23. 10. 0.

Model 215. Handsome five-valve all-wave AC superhet. Independent external aerial operation can be obtained by the switch disconnection of the built-in frame aerials. Attractive walnut cabinet. £27. 10. 0.

Model 415. Fine automatic radiogram for AC mains, comprising all-wave five-valve superhet radio, 10" permanent magnet speaker, built-in frame aerial and Garrard RC 70B record-changer. Plays 10" or 12" records. Ample record storage space. Walnut cabinet. £74. 10. 0. Long playing model 415LP £79. 10. 0.

Ferranti Ltd., Moston, Manchester 10; and 36 Kingsway, London WC2