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Domestic Advertisement: Ferranti T1415 and T1215 TVs

This trader advert from December 1951 shows two 12" TVs from the Ferranti range.  Full size doors shown on the console model were popular the year.


Advertisements, now appearing all over the new and old television areas, stress the four Ferranti advantages: front controls, flat-faced tube, high sensitivity, and large screen.

Here are the two popular models. Ferranti dealers who have not yet placed their orders are advised to do so now; and to back up the present campaign with demonstrations and explanations of the advantages offered by Ferranti television.

Model T1415, Cabinet of Australian walnut. 12" flat-faced C.R. Tube. Easily adjusted to all BBC Channels. 74. 10. 0.

Model T1215./ Walnut cabinet, on castors. 12" aluminised flat-faced C.R. tube. Easily adjusted to all BBC channels. 94. 10. 0.

Clearly Ferranti for Sight and Sound

Ferranti Ltd., Radio Sales Office. Moston, Manchester 10.