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Domestic: Ferranti T1405 Table TV (and T1205 console, T1505 Radio/TV)

This trader advert from February 1951 is possibly the dullest advert for a TV that I have ever seen.  Obviously they thought that the looks warranted only 1/6th of the advert and the selling points much more.  This is possibly because it is an ad for the traders rather than the public.

Large Screen for wide range viewing
12" Flat Face Tube cuts out distortion
With Ferranti Television Receivers you can offer customers a brilliant, flat picture.  All Ferranti advantages are incorporated in every model.

High Sensitivity aerial pre-amplifier unnecessary
Front Controls for ease of operation
And for those of your customers who prefer to buy by easy instalments there are attractive hire purchase terms.

Ferranti Table Model T.1405 has all Ferranti advantages for 59. 19. 6 (Tax paid

Console Model T.1205 ... 75. 0. 0. (tax paid), Radio and Television Receiver T.1505 89. 19. 6. (tax paid).

Ferranti Ltd. Moston, Manchester 10; and 36 Kingsway, London WC2.