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Domestic Advertisements: Ferguson 289A Table Radio 

This trader advert from December 1950 shows the rather standard-looking high-range table radio.  The large sized tuning scale was becoming popular around this time but the cost was about a month's wage!

Fine Set, this Ferguson
… seven valves, seven watts

The Ferguson 289A is proving a great favourite with people who want a luxury instrument without having to pay a luxury price! For only 27 gns. They get seven valves… ‘push-pull’ output… selective negative feed-back tone control… 10" speaker… flywheel tuning… every component specially designed to give maximum performance, all in a beautiful cabinet in two-tone walnut cabinet. Let your customers hear the Ferguson 289A – there’ll be few who won’t be tempted to buy!

Fine sets these Ferguson’s

Thorn Electrical Industries Limited, 105/109 Judd Street, WC1