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Domestic Advertisements: Ferguson 322RG Radiogram

This Trader advert from November 1951 shows an ugly block of wood hiding a radiogram!

Another Ferguson Release
The New 322 Radiogram

A multi-speed auto-change radiogram for only 62 gns.! How’s that for good value and quick sales? Make a note of these features of the Ferguson Model 322RG. Five-valve, 3-waveband superhet, with extension speaker sockets and muting switch for the internal 8" PM speaker. Garrard 3-speed auto-changer for 10" and 12" records, with interchangeable microcell crystal pick-up heads for standard and long-playing records. Walnut cabinet of simple but lovely lines, with non-soiling fabric of exclusive design over the speaker grille. At 62 gns. it is certainly a Ferguson "first" for value.

Model 322RG multi-speed auto-change radiogram 62 gns. tax paid.

…fine sets these Ferguson’s
Thorn Electrical Industries Ltd., 105/9 Judd St., London WC1