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Domestic Advertisements: Ferguson 238A Table Radio

This trader advert from May 1951 shows a typical sloping tuning scale wooden receiver.  It has an uncanny resemblance to the famous Bush DAC90A!

Still the best value

Ferguson Model 238A (AC mains). Also available – Model 238U (AC DC mains)

At 19 ˝ gns. (including Purchase Tax) this 5-valve superhet Model 238A is a fine example of Ferguson’s sheer ‘value for money.’ 6 ˝ " permanent magnet speaker, 3 watts output, fine volume and tone. Gramophone pick-up and extension speaker sockets are included. Its skilfully designed and soundly constructed walnut cabinet has appeal in every line. No wonder dealers everywhere are pressing us for deliveries – we’re working at full stretch to satisfy everyone.

Fine sets these Ferguson’s

The choice of the critical

Thorn Electrical Industries Ltd., 105-109 Judd Street, WC1