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Domestic: Etronic Projection TV

This trader advert from February 1951 is the right hand side of a two page advert.  If you wanted a big TV in 1951 then a projection model was for you.  For the price of a small car you could buy this impressive machine which used the latest CRT projection, screen and mirror technology.

Etronic Projection Television
Bigger Pictures for Bigger Business

Etronic Projection Television has arrived!  It's sensational!  The large dimension pictures, which can be watched in comfort by the whole family, set an entirely new standard in clearness of definition with freedom from glare.  The tones, too, are noticeably richer and the subtlest variations in light and shade are faithfully reproduced.  Great care has been lavished on the design and finish of the cabinet to appeal to those who want the very best that Television can offer.  Demonstrate Etronic Projection Television in your showroom and see how it draws the crowds.

When not in use the lid folds down concealing and protecting the screen.  Cabinet size: Height, closed 37", open 52". Width 23", depth 21".  140 GNS, tax paid.

Send for descriptive folder to
Hale Electric Company Limited
Talbot Road, West Ealing, London W13.