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Domestic: Ekco "Princess" portable radio model P63

This trader advert from April 1950 highlights the innovative "Princess" portable radio (model P63).  Looking more like a transistor radio than a valve portable, the weird adjustable Perspex handle makes this model instantly recognisable.   Portable radios sold most in the nice weather - making them extremely seasonal products.  Listen how Ekco convinces you that off-season sales were great!

The EKCO 'Princess' Portable has done a good job during the winter, bringing sport, news and entertainment to many people whose need is for a lightweight personal receiver.  It will be in even greater demand now that the outdoor season is really beginning.  Production has been increased to meet this demand and adequate deliveries will help you take full advantage of it.  Order now!

Radio's most efficient and best-looking lightweight, all-dry portable, in blue/ivory, opal and shell.

Ecko Princess Model P63: 14 inc. tax and battery.

'Stroller' production now in full swing - the popular MBP99 'Stroller' for round-the-house, out in the garden or any type of holiday can also be ordered with confidence.  An efficient 4+1-valve receiver for operation on either AC/DC mains or Batteries: 19 Gns inc. tax and batteries.

E.K. Cole Ltd., Southend-on-Sea