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Domestic Advertisements: Ekco MBP149 "Stroller" Portable Radio

This Trader advert from June 1951 shows the sleek Ekco "Stroller" in maroon and cream plastic - all the rage!

The New ‘Stroller’
… built to sell!

Public acclaim proved the merit of the original ‘stroller’ – it scored a big success. The new ‘Stroller’ (MBP149) follows in the footsteps of the ‘99’ with features and improvements which include a newly designed cabinet, styled on attractive modern lines; a hinged scale cover to protect the dial and controls; a maroon-coloured speaker grille and new built-in carrying handle. It is easy to look at – more convenient in use. And even easier to sell!

Ekco MBP149 ‘Stroller’ – 5-valve AC/DC Mains/Battery portable in grey ‘bird’s-eye’ finish, with contrasting moulded speaker grille and scale cover. Inbuilt aerial. £23:10 tax paid (batteries extra).

£250 in Prizes. Ekco Window Display Competition. May 1 – Sept. 30. Have You Entered?

E. K. Cole Ltd., Southend-on-Sea, Essex