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Domestic Advertisements: Ekco-Ensign Fluorescent Light

This trader advert from November 1951 shows a simple enough thing - the humble fluorescent light.  Notice, however that the fixing on the end is a standard UK bayonet.  If they really did last twice as long, then surely that would mean half of the sales - not double!

Twice the Selling power with …
Ekco Double-life Fluorescent Lamps

There’s twice the value in Ekco double-life Fluorescent Lamps – that’s why they sell twice as fast! Feature Ekco double-life Fluorescent Lamps and capture the new and replacement business in your area! Quicker turn-over and more customers mean bigger profits and bigger business in other lines, too. Stock up now with Ekco double-life Fluorescent Lamps.

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London, 5 Vigo Street, W1 Tel Regent 7030. Cardiff, 50 Bridge Street, Tel Cardiff 5426. Glasgow, 26 India Street, C2. Tel Central 2012. Preston, Kent Street Works. Tel Preston 4628. Nottingham, 57 Hounds Gate. Tel Nottingham 45862. Birmingham, 40-42 Summer Row, B’ham 3. Tel Central 2997.

Ekco-Ensign Electric Ltd.