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Domestic Advertisements: Ekco "Festival" (A147) Table Radio

This Trader advert from March 1951 shows the stunning Ekco Festival, prepared for the Festival of Britain.  Pre-tuned radio in sleek modern lines was sure to have impressed the crowd - but did they buy it?

Outstanding set of 1951 !
Ekco ‘Festival’ Model A147

The Ekco "Connoisseur" demonstrated that pre-tuned radio with reproduction of exceptional quality holds an important place in to-day’s market, as sales have proved. This new "Festival" model, direct successor to the "Connoisseur," will lead to even greater success. New features and refinements include a walnut cabinet of truly "Festival Year" design; beige-coloured moulded escutcheon and speaker grille; clear rimmed controls and a wider choice of stations for pre-setting. This is a set you really can sell – on performance, appearance, and suitability for a proved market!

"Festival" pre-tuned 4-station Model A147. Inbuilt aerial, illuminated station indicator panels, "gram" sockets. AC mains. 20 GNS. (Tax paid).

E. K. Cole Ltd., Southend-on-Sea, Essex.