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Domestic Advertisements: English Electric 1651 Console TV with Radio

This trader advert from June 1951 is the right hand side of a two page advert. Text from both sides is included here.

‘English Electric’
announce new receivers with exclusive features

Metal C.R. Tube. ‘English Electric’ long life 16" metal cathode ray tube free from ion burn, for direct viewing on almost flat 12 ¾" x 10" screen
Black Level Clamp
. New circuit design to prevent variations of signal strength from upsetting tone values of the picture.
. For fringe area reception, to prevent picture tearing and interference likely to cause picture "break-up".
Tinted Face Plate
. To reduce reflection and improve contrast for comfortable viewing in daylight or artificial light.
Easy Servicing
. New design of chassis layout for simplified service.
Pleasing Cabinets
of English walnut, fitted with rollers, and doors to screen on model 1651.
Pre-set 3-station radio
giving choice of long and medium wavebands on model 1651, and both models equipped with FM reception facilities.

Large Screen, Brilliant Pictures, High Quality Sound, Efficient Interference Suppression

Model 1651
Price £127. 10. 0. plus purchase tax £58. 0. 2. Inclusive prices £185. 10. 2.

The English Electric Company Limited, Television Department, Queens House, Kingsway, London W2.