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Domestic Kitchen Goods: Easipower De-luxe Tiptoaster

This trader advert from April 1950 shows the Easipower Tiptoaster.  This is the left hand side of a two page advert.  A slim-line design for doing both sides of a single piece of bread,  I like the cunningly hidden....

Two Products with a Plus!
The De-Luxe Easipower Tiptoaster

Toasts both sides of the bread at once. Takes slices of any size or shape. Tips out at a mere flip of the ejector. The cunningly hidden crumb tray can be emptied in a moment. Beautifully finished in Chromium plate with black plastic ejector.

Retail price 42/-

Easipower Limited: Manufacturers of the World’s finest Electrical Appliances.

If you are an Easipower stockist send us your name and address for our record purposes so that some of the many enquiries we receive direct from the public can be forwarded to you.

Easipower Ltd. 213/5, Gloucester Place, London W.1.
Telegrams: Easipower Norwest London. Phone: PAD 6051/2