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Domestic Kitchen Goods: Easipower Thermostatic Iron & Kitchen Princess Food Mixer

This trader advert from July 1951 invites you to see these products at the forthcoming Festival Exhibition.

When you visit the Festival Exhibition
Make sure of seeing these Easipower Products

Thermostatic Iron
Models fitted with pilot lights and hard-stainless alloy soleplate which heats three times faster than iron or steel.
   Model 99    -     -  37/6
   (AC or DC) 99u -  39/6
   De-luxe 10CD   -  42/6

The Kitchen Princess Food Mixer
This model has choice [sic] of three speeds:
   High - for whisking and beating.
   Medium - for stirring and mixing.
   Low - for heavy mixing and blending.
Revolving platform will fit any standard pudding basins thus no special bowls are required.  Radio interference free, AC only.
   Price 11. 0. 0.
   plus tax 5. 10. 0.
   16. 10. 0.

Easipower Ltd. 213/5, Gloucester Place, London W.1.
Phone: PADington 6041/2