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Domestic Advertisement: Cossor 921 TV, 499 Portable Radio, 501 Radio and 502 Gramophone

This trader advert from November 1951 catalogue a range of products from this famous valve manufacturer.  The "Melody Maker", however, had been around 25 years.

Selling on sight ... and sound value.  Cossor

Television model 921.
A new 12-in. 5-channel receiver with big-picture definition of the highest quality. 17-valve circuit with efficient interference suppression ensures the best possible reception throughout all T/V areas. Superb two-tone walnut cabinet.

And Radio ...Portable model 499 UB. The mobile receiver for use everywhere on DC/AC mains or dry batteries. Extremely pleasing design and outstanding performance. 4-valve superhet, 6 -in. moving coil speaker. With batteries, 20. 19. 11. tax paid.

The Famous "Melody Maker". Now entering its Silver Jubilee Year, the continued demand for the "Melody Maker" proves that this grand set is still the "Family Favourite."
Model 501
. A full size, 5-valve all-wave AC superhet with 8-in. moving coil speaker, built-in aerial, in graceful moulded cabinet. 19. 2. 11. tax paid.
Universal Model 501U
. For DC/AC mains. 19. 15. 2. tax paid.
De Luxe Model 500
, in charming polished walnut cabinet with three-colour dial. 12. 12. 3. tax paid.

Model 502 three-speed all-wave Autogram with first class performance. Automatic changer for 10-in. or 12-in. discs. Two crystal pick-ups for standard and long-playing records. Polished walnut cabinet of compact modern design. A beautiful instrument for the music lover. 67 GNS. Tax paid.

Cossor Valves and Cathode Ray Tubes for efficiency, consistency, reliability
A.C. Cossor Ltd., Cossor House, Highbury Grove, London N5.