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Domestic Advertisements: Champion Model 741 Portable Radio

This trader advert from July 1951 is for the somewhat old fashioned styled Champion 741 portable.  Whilst the tapering at the top and the telescopic aerial has a modern feel, the aeroplane dial is from an era long gone.

Make this a Champion season for Portable

Just released for the home market, having been thoroughly tested in most parts of the world and proved an excellent seller, the Champion Portable Model 741 is your best proposition of the season.

6 Valve, AC/DC Mains/Battery 110/250 v. 3 waveband, superhet receiver.  For outdoor use, 4 high-capacity batteries are used.  Contained in an all-weather case with built-in aerials (Telescopic aerial for Super Short-Wave Reception).  Superb Reception, Tone and Quality, 18. 7. 6 plus 7. 17. 2 P.T. (exclusive of batteries)

Champion Electric Corporation, 16 Berkeley Street, London W1, England.  Tel. Mayfair 6774.  Works: Seaford, Sussex.