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Domestic: Champion ARG 762 (A&B) Radiograms

This trader advert from February 1951 pushes the beast of a radiogram; the Champion  ARG 762.  With bow fronted cabinet and ten inch speaker this was meant to belt it out!  The band-spread short version is unusual.

Champion ... by name ... performance ... seller
The New Champion ARG762 Model

This latest addition to the Champion range sells on sight with its pleasing and rich appearance.  In production it offers quality supreme and embodies the following features: 10" speaker P.M. Tone Control.  Flywheel tuning: Full vision: Illuminated dial.  Automatic Record Changer for 10" or 12" records.  High fidelity pick-up using Midget Silent Stylus needles.

Model 762A. Short-Short and Medium
Model 762B. Long-Medium and Short.
4 Valve plus Rectifier. A.C. Superhet receiver.  A.C. Mains only. 110 volts to 240 volts A.C.

and the promise is right!

42 GNS. plus P.T. 18 GNS.

Send for details now.  Full trade discounts on all Champion Products.
Champion Electric Corporation
16 Berkeley St. London W.1.
Works at Seaford, Sussex.
Phone MAYfair 6774