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Domestic Advertisements: K. Bisset Addmaster

This half page trader advert from June 1951 shows the predecessor of the pocket calculator.  I think I've seen one of these once.  You use the "pen" to drag down the roll-over numbers; this causes the next column to increment when appropriate.  Fabulous!

Rapid Adding & Subtraction Machines

  • For book-keeping and stocktaking in shops, offices and factories.

  • Can be mastered in a few minutes.

  • Noiseless, easy operation.  No keys to punch.

  • Results appear immediately.  Totals always visible.

  • Cannot make a mistake.

  • Fully guaranteed

6 - 6 - 0

Immediate delivery at a price even small businesses can afford from
K. Bisset & Co., Ltd., (Dept. W.) 5, Chelwood Gardens, Kew Gardens, Surrey.