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Domestic Advertisements: Arvin DS7 and DS5 Electric Dry Shavers

This trader advert from May 1951shows the "De-Luxe" and "Consort" All dry electric shavers from Arvin.  Making a point that they are all-British.

An all-star line!

  • Outstanding value
  • Nationally advertised
  • Ready demand
  • 33 1/3% trade discount
  • 12 months guarantee

Here’s a brisk market to keep your eye on… the vast popular market for sensibly-priced electric dry shavers! Arvin’s two top-value precision-built models are selling faster every day, backed by strong National advertising and by Arvin’s unequalled reputation and guarantee.

Arvin Electrical Ltd. Were makers of the first, and still foremost, all-British electric shaver. Now their two latest models… the Consort and the De-Luxe… are keeping the name Arvin right out on top! Every single sale means many more follow-up sales, the direct result of personal recommendation of a good product. A fortune in 33 1/3% trade discounts is shared out every month. You can claim your part in this expanding market today through your usual wholesaler.

The Arvin "De-Luxe". Type DS7 AC/DC. Ivory finish. Retailing at £4.0s.0d tax paid

The Arvin "Consort". Type DS5. Ivory finish. AC only 40/60 cycles. Retailing at £2.19s.7d tax paid.

Arvin Twinhead Electric Dry Shaver
Arvin Electric Ltd, Fernbrook Avenue, Southend-on-Sea, Essex.