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Domestic: Alba Radio C114 and Console TV/Radio TR9872

This trader advert from July 1951 shows the right half of a two page advert introducing the new range from Alba.

News from Alba

Introducing four additions to the Alba range - each one carefully designed and priced for to-day's requirements... All destined to achieve distinction on the list of Alba best-sellers!  Release - August onwards.

New Version of the "Smallest All-Wave Superhet". Model C114
With great pleasure, and no little pride, we present the successor to the world-famous C112.  The same pleasing cabinet design but now with a 5-valve superhet circuit giving even better performance, especially on short-wave.  200-250 volts AC and DC.  The "gift" appeal will again be stressed with special displays.  Plan now for your Xmas trade.  The price has been kept low, and the value rises accordingly.
£17/19/10 (12 guineas plus PT £5/7/10)
A special version - known as C114B -can be supplied for 100-120 volts AC/DC.

5-Channel T/V. All-Wave Radio. In A Sensational Cabinet. Model TR9872.
All that is best in radio and T/V, housed compactly in a beautiful walnut cabinet that will do the selling for you!  T/V is the Alba 5-channel AC/DC superhet with 12in. tube: Radio is a 5-valve, 3-waveband AC/DC superhet.  The combined set will operate on 200-250v. AC and DC.  Size of cabinet: 40in. high by 20¼in. by 18in.
£134/18/6 (90 guineas plus PT £40/8/6)

Traders who may not have received a copy of our new broadsheet are invited to ask for one.  It gives full details of our programme.
A. J. Balcome Ltd. 52-58, Tabernacle Street, London EC2