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Domestic Accessories: Acos Microphones  MIC22 and MIC16

This Trader advert from July 1951 shows two classic microphones with quite in-depth technical data.

high fidelity Microphones
For Public Address : Recording : Amateur Radio

Type MIC 22.  This model incorporates the famous Acos "Filtercel" insert giving extreme sensitivity and high fidelity.  Response is substantially flat from 40 - 6,000 cps.  The microphone is vibration and shock proof and is not affected by low frequency wind noise.  Two alternative mountings are available for the MIC 22 head.  MIC 22-2 is supplied as a complete unit incorporating an attractive desk stand with cable side entry.  MIC 22-1 is for fitting to any British or American-type standard floor stand and can also be used as a hand microphone.  Price 6-6-0 (Either model).

Type MIC 16.  Incorporates the Acos Floating Crystal Sound Cell giving a response substantially flat from 30 - 10,000 cps.  Performance is unaffected by vibration or shock or low frequency wind noise.  As in the case of the MIC 22 two alternative mountings for the MIC 16 are available:- MIC 16-2 is a complete desk stand unit with side entry.  MIC 16-1 is ready for fixing to either British or American-type floor stands by means of a knurled ring.  Price 12-12-0 (Either model).

Cosmocord Limited, Enfield, Middlesex.