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Domestic: Whiteley's Stentorian Baffle Speakers

Whiteley Electrical trader advert from April 1950 invites you to compare their baffle speakers with others on the market. A little odd that the final "compare" strap has the "bottom in the air" drawing.  I don't know what the "WB" logo is about - where does the "B" come from?  Whilst the in-built potentiometer (for volume control) was a useful item, I'm not sure that the cable-chaos caused by the remote controls was so popular.

Stentorian Baffle Speakers with Remote Control

Comparison with any other make of speaker shows at once why the new "Stentorians" are the season best sellers.  The unique remote control feature on Beaufort and Bedford models is an extra - and very valuable - sales maker. Polished walnut veneer cabinets - volume controls - die cast PM units: all three models are identical in appearance, vary only in size.  Beaufort, 67/6; Bristol, 53/6; Bedford, 39/6 (transformers slightly extra).

"Long Arm" Remote Control

Enables any make of set to be switched off from any other room in the house when used with Stentorian Remote Control Speakers.  Price 35/- no purchase tax.

Obtainable from your usual factor
Whiteley Electrical Radio Co. Ltd.