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Domestic: Vidor 'Bookcase' TV Model CN390, 405, 391 and 406

This Vidor advert from May 1950 shows a rare departure from batteries and portable radio by Vidor.  In an effort to make cumbersome new technology more acceptable in the home it was often disguised as functional furniture in this period.  What better then to store the very thing that TV was killing; books!  Notice the models targeting the two TV transmitters, encompassing long range and local reception.  Aldo note that radio interference from cars (causing white speckles on the TV image as they drove by your house) were of major concern.

The Popular Video 'Bookcase' Television

Four models are available, housed in the same magnificent mahogany console cabinet of "Bookcase" design: two for the London frequency and two for the Birmingham.  All are for AC mains operation only and therefore most reliable.  Screen-size 7" x 6".  Controls are extremely simple; noise limiters have been incorporated to reduce car ignition interference.

Model CN390 for reception in the London Service Area.
Model CN405 for reception of the London Transmission at long range.
Model CN391 for reception in the Birmingham Service Area.
Model CN406 for reception in the Birmingham Transmission at long range.

Price 57 Guineas, tax paid.

Vidor Ltd.