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Domestic: Regentone Radiogram ARG125 (and ARG125U)

This trader advert from June 1950 shows the monster ARG125 radiogram. Concentrating on sound quality with two speakers and specially designed cabinet, it looks like all the others to me.

Luxury radiogram with twin speakers

Really outstanding quality of reproduction is the highlight of this superb, full-sized radiogram.  Twin 10" P.M. speakers give an excellent tone with realistic bass response and the luxurious figured walnut cabinet has been proportioned most carefully on acoustically perfect lines.  The A.R.G. 125 has a 5 valve superhet, and operates on 110-120 or 200-250 volts, 50 cycles AC - covering long, medium and short wavebands.  The record changer, fully automatic, plays up to ten 10" or ten 12" records, not mixed.  Retail price is 79 gns., tax paid (list price 58. 2. 0; purchase tax of 24. 17. 0).  

The AC/DC version of this new Regentone model is the ARG 125U, and incorporates a mixer changer.  Retail price is 89 gns., tax paid (list price 65. 9. 0; purchase tax 28. 0. 0).  For further details of this great new radiogram, write for illustrated leaflets giving detailed specifications.

You'd better get Regentone by the sound of it!

Regentone Products Ltd., Eastern Avenue, Romford, Essex.  Phone Romford 5991/4.  Telegrams: Regentrom.