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Domestic: Richard Allan Speakers

Richard Allan trader advert from April 1950 presents the latest range of baffle speakers, using the word "bafflette", even in their address.  Pretty ordinary looking speakers if you ask me but a couple of pounds cheaper than their competitors.  The transformer price at 6 shillings was much cheaper.  Where are they now?

three new arrivals ....
Baby-minor-Major - all doing fine

Another step forward in Extension Speaker Design is taken with these new models.  Bafflette Baby, 39/6, Bafflette Minor, 52/6, Bafflette Major, 65/-, all fitted with out of site volume control.  Walnut veneers only.  Transformers extra.  Baby and Minor - 6/-, Major 8/6.

Supplies are now reaching distributors

Richard Alan Radio Ltd.
Bafflette House