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Bric-a-brac: Radio Celebrities Cigarette Cards, 1934

Radio Celebrities
Second Series

An album to contain the new series of portraits of Radio Celebrities now being issued by Wills's Cigarettes.  Price One Penny.
Issued by WD & HO Wills. Branch of The Imperial Tobacco Company (of Great Britain and Ireland), Limited.

This set from 1934 followed the earlier first and very popular series by Wills.  It is easy to imagine the interest in these "famous voices" shown in the examples below.

No. 25 of 50
Enid Trevor is the wife of Claude Hulbert, Trevor being her maiden name.  Born at Richmond, Surrey, in 1900, she is the daughter of the late Colonel Philip Trevor, CBE, and great-grand-niece of David Garrick, so acting is in her blood.  Her stage début was under the management of Dennis Eadie at the Haymarket and Royalty Theatres, when she played cockney character parts.  Late she joined a concert party as a comedienne; Claude Hulbert was also a member of that party and they married.  In June 1928 they appeared together "on the air" and leapt into popularity in a domestic quarrelling sketch Some More Nonsense written by Clause Hulbert.

No. 26 of 50
Will Hay is probably one of the most versatile of entertainers.  He is not only a character comedian of the first rank, but also an astronomer (he discovered the spot on the plant Saturn in 1933), a fully qualified air pilot, and was once an engineer.  Born at Stockton-on-Tees in 1888, he became interested in astronomy in school and now he carries on his research work  in this direction after his nightly stage entertainments.  He was first "on the air" in 1922, and since then his sketches of "St. Michaels" (of which he is the "Head") have proved among the most popular items in radio programmes

No. 29 of 50
Mabel Constanduros, the popular radio celebrity, began broadcasting in 1925 with one of her own inimitable sketches.  The Buggins Family is of course the most famous of these. At one time she was the whole family - Mrs. Buggins, Grandma, Ag, Emma, Alfie and the Baby, but when Michael Hogan joined her, Father and Bert came into being.  Mabel Constanduros, who was born in South London, was a Miss Tilling.  from her earliest days, she wanted to be an actress, but now in her busy radio, stage and film life she finds time to do a little journalism, write short stories and novels, and invent all her own sketches.

No. 30 of 50
Stanley Holloway, actor, singer and jester was born in London in 1890.  It is said of him that he is one of the few first0class actors with an excellent singing voice - baritone.  He started his professional career with a troupe of travelling pierrots, but achieved real fame as an original member of "The Co-Optimists."   His first broadcast was as a singer in 1924, and he was then firmly established in public favour as an actor and singer in musical comedies. In 1933 he was specially engaged to go to Canada to give one hour's entertainment at a fee of £1,000 - for the Society of Lancashiremen in Toronto.