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Domestic: Pye Motor Radios P23CR and P24CR

This trader advert from June 1950 shows the happy motoring family (signed W.B.W.) off with its Pye Motor Radio (and speaker).  The drawing captures that long gone feeling: the joy of motoring on clear roads and the new adventure of travel now that petrol was freely available again.

One thing more ...

All set for the open road ahead, but one thing more will complete the luxury of a motoring holiday, their favourite radio entertainment by their side.

The end of petrol rationing means a record demand for Pye Motor Radio.  Give this high performance, low cost set a prominent display position and ensure for yourself a quick, handsome turnover.

Model No. P23CR - 6V, Model P24CR - 12V. Retail Price 17 gns.

Pye Motor Radio, Pye Limited, Radio Works, Cambridge.