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Domestic: Pye LV30 and BV30 Table TV (also Console TVs LV30C and BV30C)

This trader advert from February 1951 shows probably the ugliest TV known to man.  Look at this... and weep.

Look at this - and this

Advertisements in the London and Provincial newspapers during November and December have called forth many thousands of enquiries concerning the Pye Black Screen Receiver Model LV30 - for rental alone.  Here is dramatic proof of our recent announcement in the journal of the ever-growing public demand for the small, low-priced TV set.  Once again we offer Dealers this advice - it's up to you to tell your customers that today's finest television can be theirs for only 39 gns. tax paid.  Increase your turnover, and help yourself to bigger profits!

Model LV30 (London): Model BV30 (Midlands)
92 Black Screen Table Receiver: 39gns. tax paid.
Console Model LV30C and BV30C 45 gns tax paid.
Fringe area model 1 guinea extra.

Pye Limited, Cambridge, England