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Domestic: Portogram Record Players

This trader advert from April 1950 shows the range of wooden record players available from Portogram.  Basic advert that just shows the products and price.  Even now they look cheap veneered cabinets which are pretty ugly - no wonder they are now not around.  Where does the "Porto" bit come from - these are certainly not portable!

I do not see speakers anywhere so I guess these were designed to plug into amplifiers or radios with "gram" inputs.

ARP 50 (top right): 11. 11. 0
ARP 50/c Console (left): 18. 0. 0. Indexed 60 Records storage magazine. Oak or Mahogany 20/- extra.
RP 50 non-auto (bottom right): 7. 0. 0.
Subject to 33% discount.  Plus P.T.

Write for our catalogue and full details of our Television, Radiograms and player units.

Portogram Radio Electrical Industries Ltd.
Preil Works
St. Rule Street
London SW8
Telephone MACaulay 2246/7