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Domestic: Pilot Radio's Jack and Blue Peter

This trader advert from May 1950 describes two radio models  from the Pilot Radio range.  The model names follow a nautical signalling flag theme.  The Pilot Log is just a fancy tuning glass printed with designer station listings.  Two colour and inside front cover placement for maximum impact.  Whilst the Jack is of typical design for this period, the Blue Peter is a bit of an oddity.

2 Signal Successes by Pilot Radio

TOP LINERS FOR THE TRADE... because they're so POPULAR WITH THE PUBLIC!  Master-craftsmanship in two magnificent models, with all the features that make for present profits and long-term satisfaction and goodwill.

The Pilot Jack
A family set at a popular price.  Retailing at 19 gns (tax paid)
A full sized table model at a sales-clinching price with these sales features:- Inbuilt Frame Aerial; The Pilot Log; 5 valve all wave superhet, incorporating negative feed-back.
The signal "Pilot Jack" means what they're all saying "I Require a Pilot".

The Blue Peter
Retailing at 26.15.10 (tax paid)
Features that make it outstanding:- 4 Wavebands, including the Trawler Band; A New Standard of Precision Spin-wheel tuning; "Optional" Negative Feed-back; Cabinet with a Handsome Quality Finish.
Pilot hoists the Blue Peter - the flag flown when a ship is about to leave port.

Pilot Radio Ltd., Park Royal, London, NW10