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Domestic: V. C. Phillips "Intergram" Radiogram

This trader advert from May 1950 is from a little-known manufacturer of radiograms; V.C. Phillips of Newcastle.  Designed to double as a seat-side coffee table this idea was popular in this period.  No doubt that such ugly cumbersome machines were more attractive when disguised as functional furniture.  The addition of an extension mains plug was also a neat idea.  With no price, no specifications for the radio and two distributors listed, this was obviously a minor manufacturer of the time.

Introducing the Intergram
An addition to our range of Auto Radio-grams.

Moves easily on castors; glass top table; ample record space; internal aerial; 10-in.speaker; auto-changer; plug for lamp or television.  A new model at a popular price, write for details.

Sole Manufacturer:  V. C. Phillips
56 Low Friar Street, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 1.
Phone: 28370

Distributor for Shout West England: A. L. Phillips, 84 Hotwell Road, Bristol
London Enquiries: L. D. Hammerson, 15, Radley Avenue, Ilford. Phone SEVen Kings 9375.