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Osram: 'View Master' Recommended Valves
Taken from a March 1952 Trader advert, this valve information is targeted at the 'View Master' home construction TV; a hobby market that never really took off.

Amateur television market as big as ever!
Osram Valve are Recommended for the
'View Master' television receiver

The General Electric Co Ltd., Magnet House, Kingsway, London WC2

The television amateur is an enthusiast and it's good business to see that he stays that way!  By stocking and recommending Osram valves and GEC cathode ray tubes, both their future, and yours, can be viewed with satisfaction.

Also specified: GEC 9-inch cathode ray tube 6504A, or alternatively, the 12-inch tube 6705A may be used without circuit alteration.



From left to right;
D77: Double-diode.
Vision detector and sync separator
KT61:  High sensitivity output tetrode.
Frame TB output and sound output
DH63:  Double-diode-triode.
Sound detector and AF amplifier