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Domestic: Kolster-Brandes DRP20 Record Player

This trader advert from April 1950 is one of the "Nautical" KB adverts from this period.  The winning of a contract to supply radio equipment to the major passenger ships of the time was used for some time as a marketing theme.  The line drawing is of the new ocean-liner "Cariona". This advert plays on the bow/bough pun for what looks like a bulky, old-fashioned record player.  Catch the "harmonic stability..." sentence - pure marketing nonsense at its best!

Britain is still justly famous for her fine ships and all the equipment that goes into them is built in the grand manner - for reliability and long service.  It was no accident that K-B Radio Broadcast Equipment was chosen for the ocean giants "Queen Mary", "Queen Elizabeth" and the new "Caronia".

Model DRP20 an all-electric high fidelity RECORD PLAYER.  A supreme example of modern functional design.  Superb tonal reproduction has been achieved together with harmonic stability and realistic spacial distribution of sound factors.  A really HIGH FIDELITY instrument at a remarkably low price.

Prices at 49-19-6 (tax paid).  Add-on radio unit 7-8-9 (tax paid).

Kolster-Brandes Limited, Footscray, Sidcup, Kent.