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Grundig GCM3 Microphone (1956)

This lovely Microphone was supplied by Grundig to compliment their tape recorders.  It dates from around 1956 to 1957 and is a lovely two tone blue.  More common in brown bakelite.  The whole microphone stands 10cm high and the brass grill is 8cm in diameter,  A permanently attached blue  cloth covered cable is nearly 2 meters long.   It is terminated by a very solid three pin plug.  The base is covered in a felt liner with a hole cut out of it; reason unknown.

I was lucky enough to find this microphone in its original box (see scan below) with tissue and white cloth bag intact.

A label on the side of the box refers to the "Price Maintenance" set at the time;

"The goods contained in this carton have been sold subject to a condition under Section 25 of the Restrictive Trades Practices Act, 1956, that they shall not be sold by retail at prices less than those current for the retail sale of this type of good according to our retail price thereof current at the date of sale to the retailer.  Details of the prices prescribed for any of our products may be obtained on application to  GRUNDIG (Great Britain) Ltd., Newlands Park, London, SE26. 

The  box  measures approx 18cm x 11cm x 8.5cm (w x h x d) and this part scan of the top-side label measures 12cm x 7.5cm.  It is a two piece, open one side slide over box.  The Price Maintenance label is on the right hand side.