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Domestic: English Electric TV

This trader advert from April 1950 introduces the "English Electric" console TV.  This is obviously the early venture into TV for English Electric, and 15 inch screens were leading edge.  By the sound of it, there were substantial supply problems at the time.  An advert in May was offering two free "Cinema Slides", customised with the dealer's name for advertising purposes.

Thank you ... a word of appreciation to the TRADE.

To many dealers, in all areas, who have applied for the 'English Electric' Authorised Dealership, we say "Thank you!"  We very much appreciate your desire to be associated with our entry into the television receiver market.  We know you want sets and we're doing all we can do to see that you get them.  Production is steadily increasing and will continue to do so from now on.

The most reasonably prices 15 in. tube set, with special chassis design to ease the serviceman's problems.

Model 1550. Price 90 guineas plus 21. 9. 11. purchase tax.  Inclusive Price 115. 19. 11.

The English Electric Company Limited
Television Dept.
Queens House
London W.C.2.