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Domestic: EMI Ribbon Microphones

This trader advert from June 1950 is pushing the surprisingly nice looking ribbon microphone. An earlier advert from April that year even included a graph showing db response from 50 to 10,000 cycles.

Produced by EMI engineers with a background of over fifty' years experience in manufacturing HMV and Columbia Recording equipment, here is the finest Ribbon Microphone on the market.  From the dealer viewpoint, here is another first class EMI product which not only sells on its performance, but which may also lead to recording sessions for those dealers who are equipped with EMI Portable Recorder.

Brief Specification:
Sensitivity: -85db on 1mW/BAR into 20 ohms.
Frequency Response: Sensibly linear from 50-10,000 CPS
Ribbon: Corrugated Aluminium
Transformer: For feeding into a 20-ohm line balanced or unbalanced (30 feet of appropriate twin screened cable supplied)
Finish: Chrome and fine crackle black

Prices: Model 2350E with table stand - 18 gns.  Plus carrying box - 2 gns.  Model 2351E fitted with hooks for suspension boom or floor stand mounting - 16 gns. Plus carrying box - 1. 17. 6.

EMI Sales & Service Ltd.
Controlled by Electrical & Musical Industries Ltd.
Domestic Recording Equipment Division
Hayes, Middlesex