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Domestic: Drydex Batteries

This trader advert from April 1950 shows the revamped H1006 high tension dry radio battery from Drydex, a brand name of Chloride.  The battery is specified as 120V and clearly shows taps for 48V, 60V and 72V. Advert copy uses far too many hyphens and what is that reference to "business methods"?

Drydex sales are going to rise.  A new and wholly satisfactory level of quality has been achieved in the battery itself.  There's a new and very attractive pack to catch the customer's eye. Nation-wide advertising helps the public to choose its batteries - and nation-wide right-to-you-door deliveries help you to sell them.  And if there's a feeling, down your way, that our business methods make Drydex a nice line to handle - well, what's to stop you?

Issued by Chloride Batteries Limited
Exide Works
Clifton Junction
Near Manchester

Ref: DX21