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BNE Electric Charlton Water Heaters

This trader advert from June 1950 shows the British National Electrics Ltd. Slapping a heater element in a tank couldn't have been that difficult.  Copy is poor with overuse of the "the" word and in the product list. 

Just Wish... and it's yours

How convenient to have such a magical delivery service now that the reduction in Purchase Tax is stepping up demand.  But the B.N.E. service is nearly as good - stocks of Charlton Electric Water Heaters are held at BNE depots all over the country and your requirements can usually be met within a matter of hours.  The range includes Non-pressure, Pressure, 'Twin' Dual-purpose,  and Cistern type Storage Heaters and Immersion Heaters and Circulators - in fact a type for every domestic requirement.  Ring your nearest BNE depot* when you have an urgent order.

* There is one at your local J. & P. Branch.

British National Electrics Ltd.
The Domestic Appliance section of
Johnson & Phillips Ltd.
Newarthill, Motherwell, Scotland