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BNE Cooker C.49

This trader advert from April 1950 shows the British National Electrics Ltd. C49 Cooker.

Their marketing angle was the size of this cooker.  In order to hammer this point home this advert describes what happened when a fire destroyed some hotel kitchens; and how the BNE C.49 came to the rescue of the Douglas Hotel, Brodick, Isle of Arran (Tel Brodick 8);

Dear Sirs
We would like to express our appreciation of the excellent services rendered by two of your C49 cookers during a recent emergency.  A fire badly damaged our kitchens and temporarily left us without cooking facilities.  We immediately obtained two C.49 domestic cookers and during the two days that the kitchens were under repair, they enabled us to serve complete meals for our 80 guests and staff,

The strap line was; "The Cooker with the Big Capacity".  The Hotel was part of the Public House Trust (PHT), Glasgow.

British National Electrics Ltd.
The Domestic Appliance section of
Johnson & Phillips Ltd.
Newarthill, Motherwell, Scotland