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Baird Portable TV

This Baird advert from April 1950 shows the Baird Portable TV.  The built-in aerial was probably the biggest selling point as although it shows the ubiquitous woman carrying the TV in a window, at 37 lbs it is more of a "moveable".
I suspect that a line-drawing rather than a picture meant that is wasn't quite available yet, otherwise why not have a picture?
Nice strap line reminding of the inventor of television, John Logie Baird.

"By any standard the Baird Portable has unusual sales appeal.  It also has an important extra selling point - the fact that it needs no aerial and no earth.  This makes it so easy in your shop or in your customers' homes.  Just plug it in to any lighting or power point and this set gives perfect reception.  The handsome Baird Portable, weighing only 37 lbs., is easy carried from room to room.  It sell for 55 gns. (incl. p.t.) and there are no installation expenses.  Draw your customers' attention to this wonder set and you'll draw more profits from your till."

The First name in Television:
Baird Television
Wembley, Middlesex.

The wooden case looks quite like many radios of the time:- just imagine the screen replaced by a speaker grill.  It also appears that the carrying handles double as cooling vents on each side - clever.