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Aldis Magicolor Slider viewer

Remember these?  Hand-held slide viewer which is easy to use and saves setting up the projector and screen.   Just pop the slide in the top slot and this activates a pressure switch that lights up the slide.

It is made of thick burgundy and cream plastic and sits it its own Rexene covered, felt lined carry case with slide storage as well.  You have to remove the three screws (two around the screen shade and one at the back) to replace the two C-sized batteries.  Inside the simple switch mechanism is a 6V 150mA frosted torch bulb.  There are five plates between you and the bulb; a milky flat screen to diffuse the light source and four lenses in two groups to magnify and focus the slide.  It also has a slot either side that looks like a full horizontal multi-slide cartridge could pushed.  Although you would have to use something else to switch on the bulb.  Perhaps that is what is meant by the text "Takes Airequipt".

Made in England, Patent Applied For.  It measures 100mm to 70mm wide, 160mm wide and is 70mm high.  I would estimate this to be late 50s early 60s.