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Domestic: Alba 5561, 6581 and 6571 Radiograms

This trader advert from May 1950 catalogues three of the Alba Radiograms in a rather uninspired fashion.  Later adverts depicted a relaxed housewife playing records.  The 6581 (on the right) had some unusual art-deco type rounded bottom corners and splayed feet.

Biggest Radiogram Value - Alba

5561 AC 5-valve all-wave Superhet with Garrard 'gram unit.  Handsome walnut cabinet.  33 gns. plus purchase tax 14.16.6. 5562 AC/DC 37 gns.  plus 16.12.6 tax.  6561 AC auto as above, but with Garrard Auto-Change unit. 37 gns. plus 16.12.6 tax.

6581 AC 5-valve all-wave Superhet with Garrard auto-change 'gram unit.  A really sensational cabinet in two-toned walnut with record storage compartment.  A handsome piece of furniture.  55 gns. plus purchase tax 24.14.0.

6571 AC 5-valve all-wave Superhet with Garrard auto-change 'gram unit, concealed in front pull-out drawer.  A beautifully veneered two-tone walnut cabinet.  44 gns. plus purchase tax 19.15.4.

Alba Radio of Quality
A. J. Balcome Ltd. 52-58, Tabernacle Street, London EC2